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Adam Pascal Tour Info

Off Broadway Booking is proud to announce Adam Pascals new concert series. Yes, kiddos, you can still book Adam for his acoustic show , with Larry at the keys, for smaller venues and theaters, but if your university or theater has the space, we'll be more than happy to send him along to you with his Vegas-Style Broadway-based Show! Adam and his band will break out the best of Musical Theater including more songs from Aida, Rent and Cabaret. If you or someone you know is interested in either of Adam's performances please leave a comment, stop by our myspace or website or e-mail She has a personal LJ as well, you can comment for her there. </a></strong></a>aecrewgrl, </a></strong></a>offbwaybooking1

Have a great day one and all! We look forward to bringing Adam to your area!
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