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i'm new

Hey everyone.
I'm new here... My name is Brigitte, and i'm 21. i live in Milwaukee. i wish Roger Davis was a real person in my life.

Anyway. I should have been first introduced to RENT at an early age. my brother had the soundtrack, but i never heard him listen to it and i wasn't really into musicals back in the 90s. I never listened to the soundtrack until after i saw the show during the Collins Tour in July 2002. that was the beginning of a beautiful obsession. my brother was going to sell the soundtrack on ebay, but i saved it and took it under my wing.

My favorite Roger is Kevin Spencer (see icon). He's the only Roger i've ever seen on stage. I fell in love with his voice the moment i heard it. i saw the show 4 times with Kevin as Roger. I think he's the reason why i'm so into RENT, actually. I don't think I would have paid as close attention to the show or i wouldn't have seen it 4 times if he wasn't in it. i SOOOO wanted him to make it to Broadway playing Roger, but i think after playing him for 3 years, he wanted to do something different and focus on his music career.

I also love me some Adam... because his voice is amazing and he is the Roger. And it was super awesome to see Adam come back to play Roger in the film.

There's a new tour of RENT starting in early 2006... so maybe i'll have a new favorite roger?
...i doubt it.
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